Small World by Shaniece Frank

The saying it’s a small world took on a whole new meaning for me this past summer. Last spring Langdon Graves, a Parsons professor who teaches in the HEOP summer program contacted me about a summer job with an art non-profit called Studio in a School. I responded immediately after researching the organization to tell her that I was interested. Things got hectic and we lost track of each other. I began looking for other summer jobs and just as I began sending applications to other opportunities, I received an email from Langdon. Upon her recommendation I applied and got a job as a Studio Arts Mentor with Studio in a School and would start in July. At this point, it was May so I took a part time job at the Whitney Museum where I’ve worked for the past three years with Heather Maxson in the education department. At the end of the month Heather asked what I was doing for the rest of my summer and I told her that I would be working at Studio. She said “That’s great! Do you know if you will be working with Julie? She is a friend who I went to graduate school with.” At that point the only person I knew at Studio was Langdon. On my first day at Studio along with Langdon to greet and orient me was… Julie! I told her that I’d worked with Heather at the Whitney since high school and another revelation was made. I had also worked with Julie’s daughter Hannah at the Whitney! AND Ashley Harris, my professor for my spring 2012 class Lang at the Rubin went to grad school with another former boss, Danielle. Not only that, but I had previously met her as a result of Teens at the Whitney and Teens at the Rubin. Fast forward to the beginning of the semester—and as if I were not already convinced of the smallness of the world—it happened again! My professor for my class The History and Theory of Exhibitions   mentioned in class that she worked at the Whitney museum in the education department so I approached her after class and turns out she knew a few of my former bosses at the Whitney- Kathryn and Eileen . I can’t wait to tell Kathryn and Eileen about who I met in class!


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