HEOP Lang Student Edward Lee- In His Own Words and Images

Hi, my name is Edward Lee, a psychology student at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts.  I am someone who is influenced by spirituality, tarot, philosophy, martial arts, and poetry. I take these interests with me anywhere and everywhere. For me, these interests are the basis of getting deeply in touch with my personal emotions and expressing them through words and motion.
When I draw or create artwork, I am inspired by the knowledge I have acquired from The New School.  I am inspired by Sigmund Freud’s and Carl Jung’s psycho-analysis of the sub-conscious through dream interpretation.  I am also inspired by theology and teleology, specifically on the question of human morals and ethics and how they relate to our influences by God and religious beliefs.  Religious symbolism and the intrinsic nature of human existence are subjects I like to question myself and my peers.  Other things that inspires me are my own experiences as a human being and my interaction with others.  I am inspired by my own emotions and how they affect me.
Some artists that inspire me are Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Claude Monet, Emile Bernard, and Vincent Van Gogh.
by Edward Lee

Waiting on a trip to the promised land by Edward Lee

by Edward Lee

Emotional Hand by Edward Lee


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