A trip to South Dakota by Mark Rakhmanov

The end of my freshman year at Parsons amounted to many changes in my life. One of the most significant things I did was taking part of changing someone else’s life by working with Habitat for Humanity in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. The opportunity was a wonderful chance for me to explore architecture and to learn about the work that goes into building a living space. However as the week went by, my experience was enriched with much more than just education. It made me appreciate the high contrast of the city with the natural world and the connection with the residents of South Dakota. I was very grateful to take part of this opportunity and very proud to be one of the youngest students there. Our main task was to build and repair houses for less privileged. Everyday we took part in fixing floors, cutting out window and doorframes and putting everything together. In the short period of a week, our team made a lot of progress, which was visible to a naked eye. We spent a lot of time outdoors, visiting many famous landmarks and met incredible and inspiring people. This trip has given me a broad experience with the use of many power tools as well as working in groups. I have gotten a well rounded outlook on life outside of the city, a deeper understanding of nature as it opened the door to understanding of myself and my interests.
Check out photos here!


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