Rebel Diaz Arts Collective by Karen Louviere

If you are looking for a place with people who quickly form bonds while building community through the arts, then Rebel Diaz Arts Collective is the place for you.Rebel Diaz Arts Collective is a hip hop community center in the South Bronx made up of students, musicians, visual artists and political activists.

My first introduction to RDAC was as a student in the Nuestra America Media Apprenticeship, where I participated in workshops in audio production, Photoshop, spoken word and political education. During the 8 week program, the workshops I attended helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses.  I realized that I enjoy writing poetry but that rapping is not my cup of tea. Neither was Audio Production, where a couple of students and I learned audio engineering. My strengths lie in organizing and outreach, where I’ve become a dedicated contributor. Currently, I help organize the summer youth program, as well as open mics and workshops.

A highly anticipated event coming up this winter is the South by South Bronx Hip Hop Festival(SXSBX). During this exciting 2 day festival  we will celebrate hip hop and examine its role in facilitating social change – past and present. We aim to bring together youth, activists, educators, families and artists of all types.  Several hip hop pioneers including Afrika Bambaataa have been invited to attend .There will be panels, networking opportunities and chances to enjoy performances by established and emerging talent. Stay Tuned!


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